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In that case, it could be due to your genes in keeping with an article at SBS.com. Explicit genes decide whether or not you possibly can detect a bitter chemical (known as PTC) in broccoli and different brassicas like cauliflower and brussels sprouts.

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“On common, about 70% of us can style one thing bitter in broccoli or PTC, however these with two copies of the bitter sensitivity gene are nearer to twenty%, and they’re much extra more likely to hate it.”

US President George HW Bush mentioned in March 1990, “I don’t like broccoli. And I have never favored it since I used to be a bit of child and my mom made me eat it. And I am President of the USA and I am not going to eat any extra broccoli!” He banned it on Air Power One.

Most of us on the Parker Compound like broccoli. My spouse often sautes it in olive oil and seasons it with garlic, different herbs and salt.

Steve Parker, M.D

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